CBD sales in Slovakia: CBD Slovakia status since May 1, 2021.

cbd slovensko

CBD sales in Slovakia are finally a reality.

CBD Slovakia status since May 1, 2021.

Cannabidiol (CBD) removed from the list of psychotropic substances with effect from 1 May (1.5.2021). This follows from the amendment to the Act on Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Preparations, which was approved by the deputies of the National Council of the Slovak Republic on Thursday (March 18, 2021).

During the 2nd reading of the amendment to the law from the workshop of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic, the Slovak Parliament agreed, that the substance CBD (cannabidiol) will be legal in Slovakia. According to Slovak legislation, CBD products will be able to be sold in e-shops with effect from 1 May 2021.

It is important to note the fact that CBD is only one of a number of cannabis-containing substances (such as THC), which remain illegal in Slovakia and face quite heavy penalties.

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What remains illegal about CBD content?

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As we mention above for THC, there is still zero tolerance in Slovakia. Thus, some products, such as CBD flowers or cigarettes, that contain even a small amount of THC remain illegal. Some manufacturers move on the edge and state that their products are not intended directly for consumption if they contain e.g. 0.3% THC.


What will happen now with CBD food supplements?

On EU level cannabidiol must be approved and included in the Novel Food list as an authorized substance and CBD will be able to be sold as a nutritional supplement both in Slovakia and throughout the EU.

Hemp Point, the trade name of MorsePoint Menswear Ltd and its parent company Kraeuterland Ltd TA Hanfosan, are members of the European Hemp Industry Association (EIHA) and partners in the EIHA Novel Foods Consortium.

Summary for Slovakia after the approval of the amendment to the law:

Possession and use of CBD – yes, will be allowed

CBD as cosmetics – yes cosmetics will be able to contain CBD (with valid regulations for cosmetics)

CBD as food supplement – not yet until approved by the European Union


What is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol (Cannabidiol or CBD for short) is a natural compound obtained from the flower of cannabis (Cannabis sativa), also known as marijuana.

CBD is not harmless, non-toxic, and does not cause addiction or adverse conditions of intoxication by psychotropic substances.

CBD Oil is a naturally occurring natural substance that is used worldwide as a medicine, in cosmetics, and as part of nutritional supplements. Unlike other substances contained in the cannabis plant (e.g., delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC), CBD is not psychoactive. On the contrary, due to its healing effects, it is used in the treatment of several mild and serious diseases in many countries around the world. More than 30,000 studies have already confirmed the healing effects of CBD phytocannabionide on many diseases of civilization and their positive effect.


Legalization and sale of CBD in Slovakia

CBD does not have narcotic effects, in practice, unfortunately, CBD is mistaken for marijuana. Phytocannabinoid extract obtained from industrial hemp, known as hemp or cannabis oil, which is also generally referred to as CBD oil, is useful as a component of drugs, is found in medical instruments, food supplements, cosmetics and veterinary feeds.

CBD is a cannabidiol with the largest proportion of cannabinoids in cannabis, it is not toxic. CBD has no psychoactive or narcotic effects and is not addictive.

CBD Slovakia – status until April 30, 2021

The CBD has been removed from the list of psychotropic substances, the amendment is effective from 1 May 2021.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is classified as a psychotropic substance in accordance with the legislation (Act No. 139/1998 Coll. On Narcotic Substances, Psychotropic Substances and Preparations), and this situation has been valid in our country since 2011.

At the same time, any further research into the CBD with a view to its use for medical purposes was prevented. However, there are a number of studies abroad demonstrating the positive and healing effects of this substance. A World Health Organization (WHO) study has also shown that CBD has no effects associated with abuse or addiction.


CBD Slovakia law – new legislation brings new hope

Despite the inclusion of CBD among psychotropic substances, many physicians recommend this substance to some patients. These experts monitor foreign studies and communicate the effects of the CBD with colleagues who legally prescribe them in their countries. In the European Union, we were from the last states, which until May 1, 2021 CBD was still on the list of banned substances. Both the European Parliament and the European Medicines Agency have already called for its removal from the list. Maybe that’s why the ice has moved, and for many of us, new hope is shining at the moment. Finally, the CBD was removed from the list of psychotropic substances on May 1, 2021.

The removal of the CBD from the list of banned substances will remove the situation where people using this substance for medical purposes are de facto considered criminals from the point of view of the law.

At the same time, it will be possible to subject CBD products to professional supervision and relevant legal regulation. At the same time, important data on the success of such treatment will also be collected.

The Ministry of Health took this step and reminded that cannabidiol is not listed as a psychotropic substance even in the UN conventions to which the Slovak Republic is bound. After the adoption of the amendment to the law, it is now possible to legally import products containing CBD from abroad, while importers will not face any risk of accusation.


CBD oils are also freely available on our website.

cbd slovensko

We look forward to the proposed changes taking effect. We are looking forward to this initiative, because this step will help many people in Slovakia to improve their health and alleviate many problems.

At the same time, we are following the results of new studies that reveal more and more positive effects of CBD. We will regularly bring you all relevant information on our website.

From May 1, 2021, you can legally buy CBD in Slovak e-shops.