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CTA Compliance

Cannabis Trades Association

CTA Cannabis Trades Association

Hemp Point is a Full Member of the CTA.

CTA is the UK and Europe’s biggest trade body for the hemp and cannabis industry. In an industry without a central regulatory body, the CTA aims to fill the gap by uniting its members – CBD and hemp retailers – and ensuring they adhere to good practises and promote truthful information to their customers.

We are sure you have seen brands making outlandish claims about CBD – it cures this and that, etc. Well, the CTA aims to regulate this kind of misinformation as well as to establish quality standards.

Why was the CTA founded?

In 2016, several companies offering CBD products received some assertively worded letters from the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). In short, they read…

“If the industry does not work together to ensure standards and advice is consistent and above all legal, there will not be an industry.”

The CTA was set up shortly after as a not-for-profit company with every member holding a share and having their say. This means that no one involved in the association profits from its activities, everything gets put back into training, conferences, trade events, etc. to learn more and better understand the potential of cannabis.

Today, the CTA has around 400 members from 23 EU states.

What does this mean for you?

Like Hemp Point, the CTA aims to better understand CBD and educate the people who could benefit most from the cannabinoid.

But, above all, the CTA’s mission is to prevent dodgy and dishonest businesses from ruining hemp and CBD’s excellent reputation. Unfortunately, not all CBD is made equally and without knowing better, it’s easy for hopeful customers to waste their money on inferior – and even fake – CBD products.

Here at Hemp Point, along with other CTA members, we truly believe in the therapeutic benefits of hemp and CBD. And as a full member, you can rest assured that we’ll continue to provide high-quality, thoroughly-tested CBD products whilst remaining fully transparent.

The CTA’s seal?

Is earned, never given, CTA is the only association testing, vetting, and checking each and every member and their products to ensure safety, legality and of course to ensure products are marketed correctly and compliantly.

CTA Objectives

  • To push the legal envelope to develop a fully regulated market
  • To encourage industrial development
  • To work with researchers to create new opportunities
  • To be the point of contact for Government departments
  • To help bring scientific research to the market
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