Incorporating hemp into your skincare routine

hemp products and cbd

At Hemp Point, we believe in using the power of hemp products and CBD inside and out. We talk a lot about how CBD can impact the mind, but did you know that hemp has proven benefits for the skin, too? As your body’s largest organ, your skin is on the front line, and it deserves as much TLC as you can give it. Our CBD topicals are a great place to start – a way of saying thank you to your hardworking skin.


Hemp oil is an emollient, a substance with soothing and hydrating properties. It contains fatty acids Omegas 3 and 6, which are essential for cell strength and help to soften dry skin and balance moisture. Skincare aficionados might be wondering ‘what’s the catch?’, and it’s true that many emollients come with a side of clogged pores – a pretty big price to pay for moisturised skin. Not with hemp! When you use a hemp seed oil soap, you can relax in the knowledge that as well as being supremely softening, it’s also non-comedogenic, meaning you don’t need to worry about pimples.


Recent research has shown that CBD can be used to fight common skin complaints such as acne and eczema. When it comes to acne, often the issue is the body creating too much sebum. A 2014 study discovered that CBD oil prevented the production of excess sebum – a huge win in the fight against acne. In order to harness the acne-fighting properties of CBD yourself, you can apply CBD oil to the skin using a carrier oil; however, you must ensure you use a really high quality CBD oil without added ingredients, and a non-comedogenic carrier (actually, pure hemp seed oil is a good one, as it regulates the skin’s own oil production, too!).

When it comes to eczema and other inflammatory skin conditions, scientific research has been minimal – but the results of the few studies that have been done are really positive. It appears that when used on irritated or inflamed skin, CBD and hemp act in the exact ways we’d suspect, by reducing irritation and pain. In 2020, the National Eczema Association spoke to clinical dermatologist Dr Peter Lio who referred to extensive anecdotal evidence that CBD products helped his patients. He backed this up by referring to the “anti-inflammatory, anti-itch and anti-pain properties” that make the chemical a point of interest for dermatologists in the fight against eczema and dermatitis.


It’s believed that CBD has antioxidant properties due to the wealth of vitamins and fatty acids within. This allows skin to remain hydrated, leaving it plump and smooth, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has protective properties, boosting the skin’s ability to fight environmental factors that might cause premature ageing.

So is it worth using hemp products and CBD on your skin? Put it this way – we recognise CBD’s balancing, soothing and protective properties when it comes to the rest of our bodies. Let’s give our skin a piece of the action!

We’re really interested in your before and after stories of using our products in your skincare routine. Feel free to send us photos of the amazing effects!