The benefits of using CBD while exercising

cbd oil benefits

The relationship between exercise and cannabidiols is the subject of intense scientific research, with firmer conclusions regularly being drawn on CBD’s benefits when it comes to working out. Recent neurological research even shows that the chemicals responsible for the euphoric feeling known as a ‘runner’s high’ are probably endocannabinoids, the human body’s own equivalent to cannabinoids like CBD and THC. So how can a little extra CBD help you on your way to a better exercise routine?

CBD improves motivation
The hardest part of exercising can sometimes be simply putting your sneakers on and committing to a workout. Research has shown that CBD can be helpful when it comes to low motivation, getting you in the right frame of mind for exercise, and keeping you in the zone, too. The mindfulness that CBD encourages in some people can be a really important factor, allowing us to stay connected to our bodies and really enjoy the process of exercising – which is what it’s all about, after all.

CBD combats pain
By design, exercise is inflammatory: when you work out, you actually cause thousands of tiny tears to your muscles, and it’s as your body repairs them that they strengthen. No wonder it hurts, but hey – no pain, no gain, right? Well… wrong. CBD users regularly report experiencing less inflammation at common pain points, and clinical research is catching up, with the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory effects of the chemical under scrutiny from the medical community. In 2018, scientists conducted a huge review of studies from 1975 onwards, and the collated data strongly implied that CBD has a powerful impact as a pain reliever. This is great news for anyone on a strict workout regime, as it means getting back into the gym after a particularly gruelling workout is less agonising. Are leg days about to become bearable?

CBD aids recovery
Does CBD aid recovery after exercise? Well, if it’s true that CBD reduces inflammation, we’re halfway there. However, it helps the body to recover in other ways, too. As CBD is believed to improve sleep, it provides a better environment for muscles to recover; after all, tissue predominantly repairs when we’re out for the count. In 2019, journalist Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro wrote a feature on how she used CBD in her own exercise routine, claiming that taking CBD products after her workouts reduced her recovery time. Other sources claim that using CBD after a particularly tough workout can sometimes be the difference between having to sit the next couple of days out, or being able to head back pretty quickly; we know what we’d rather.

CBD boosts energy
Obviously, in improving sleep quality, CBD is likely to boost energy – but having to go to sleep is playing the long game when it comes to improving your get-up-and-go. No worries: a 2017 research paper showed that it’s higher doses of CBD that send people into a deep sleep, while lower doses actually act as a stimulant. By improving your focus, CBD can also banish low moods, another reason why many people feel low on energy.

Try a few drops of CBD oil before or after your next workout and let us know the outcome – we look forward to hearing how it works for you!