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cbd honey infused with ginger extract
cbd honey infused with ginger extract
cbd honey with ginger
cbd honey uk
cbd honey
cbd honey dipper sticks
cbd med etiketa zazvor

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CBD Infused Honey with Ginger Extract 250g

Introducing Hemp Point by Cannapurna Limited Edition Hemp Extract infused CBD honey paste.

If you like honey, you’d love our hemp extract infused honey paste boosted with ginger extract. It’s loaded with all the benefits of flower honey, combined with the healing properties of hemp extract and powerful medicinal properties of ginger extract. Plus, it doesn’t get you high.

Our 250 g miron glass jar contain 500 mg CBD+CBDa from the Whole Plant Hemp Extract and 320 mg of Ginger Extract.

The ginger drink will probably warm even a polar bear after a week of skiing. This distinctly spicy root has the ability to add heat to a hypothermic organism and relieve the digestive tract in case you feel nauseous from those serpentines.

At Hemp Point, we’re committed to quality. You can read more about our extraction method and harvesting process and our Award Winning DLG Quality Hemp Oil.

Hemp Extract Infused with:


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  • Flower Honey
  • Zingiber Officinale Extract 320 mg
  • Whole Plant Hemp Extract 700 mg (71.52% CBD+CBDa Extract)
  • * With every purchase wooden honey dipper stick included

Vegan • Organic • HFC-134a Extraction • Produced in Slovakia

1-2 tsp daily. 1g of honey paste contains 2 mg CBD+CBDa (1 tsp approx.6g contains 12 mg CBD+CBDa). Do not exceed more than 4x 6g teaspoons per day. Our honey paste can be consumed like any other honey. Add to your favourite hot or cold drink (we love ours in a morning coffee!), or consume on its own.

Store upright in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight in original packaging. Do not use after expiry date.

Honey paste is simply honey with a smooth, fine structure. It retains all biologically active substances and is made using a special processing technology (stirring during crystallisation). The resulting tender cream-like (hence the word paste) honey is delicate in flavour and easy to spread.

Pasteurization has no effect on increasing the health benefits of honey, but the fact that you are sure that the honey has not been heat-treated and overheated to keep it in a liquid state can be an advantage. And thus, all important nutritional values ​​were preserved in it and no biologically active substances were degraded.


The hemp plants are grown from EU-certified seeds. Herbicides and pesticides are not used. Some of our cultivars are grown indoors, some in a greenhouse and some outdoors under the sun either in Czech Republic or in Italy. The plants are hand picked at their optimal growth time and individually hung at natural temperatures until sufficiently dried for our hemp extract CBD extraction process.

Extracted With Care

This formulation is made by using a whole plant biomass and solventless HFC-134a extraction. This means there are no harsh chemicals and minimal breakdown of those precious cannabinoids or terpenes during the extraction process.

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Whole Plant extract

Contains our unique hybrid balanced Whole Plant Hemp Extract. We believe that Cannabis oils should remain in the state that nature intended. Our Whole Plant Hemp Extract Infused Honey Paste promotes the entourage effect, which stimulates CBD to work together with other cannabinoids more effective than either alone.

Certified excellence

In an industry with so much misinformation, it’s important that we back up what we say. That’s why every batch of CBD oil we produce is sent to an independent lab for testing. Third-party lab testing ensures that our CBD content is as advertised.

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